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Fr Aaron Spinelli
I would like to begin by wishing both our schools a very Blessed Half-Term break. As I visit the
schools, I see the sterling work done by all members of staff. There is a great atmosphere as soon
you walk into our schools. The children are polite and well behaved and the staff are always cheerful
and welcoming -  we are truly blessed! Let continue to pray for all those involved in Catholic

This weekend we will welcome Bishop Richard who joins us for a short while at the St John Vianney
Vocations Group which will meet in the Presbytery on Sunday at 4pm. As a Vocations Promotor for
the diocese, I am asked to assist the Director and the Vocations Team in promoting the Diocesan
Priesthood. This begins in one’s parish, encouraging, for example, Altar Servers to consider the
priesthood as well as those in our schools. However, we are all vocations’ promotors! All the
baptised are to encourage and pray for their sons, nephews, Godsons and grandsons if they feel
they may have a call to serve God and His people. We must avoid the temptation to think, “well we
will leave it to another family, not mine, to foster vocations!” When was the last Vocation to the
Priesthood from our Parish? It was Canon Tim Madeley who was ordained in 1994! Twenty-three
years is quite a while ago now. We need to pull up our sleeves and pray! Maybe we can begin by
saying a decade of the Holy Rosary for this Intention as a start.

Please keep in your prayers too, the repose of the souls of Terrence O’Keefe, Joan Slade and Maria
di Martino who funerals are to be celebrated over the next two weeks. Please keep their families in
your prayers.

As you may recall from a few newsletters back, the Parish Council has been renamed the Parish
Mission Group, in order to reflect my desire for the Parish to be one that is focused on being
Missionary Disciples of the Lord. I desire a parish that is evangelised first which in turn becomes a
parish that can evangelise with confidence and courage. I will be inviting new members to join this
group to broaden the expertise, experience and make –up of those who currently are members. If
you are approached - please be generous is saying Yes!

With my prayers for you all.