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      As we celebrate Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord we hear
in the gospel of Mark of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. While
celebrating this event we are also aware that this celebratory mood
changes into one of dark scenes which see our King condemned to
death, humiliated, scorned, crucified and die on a cross.  We also
know that three days after Jesus' death He rises from the dead,
conquering death, bringing about our salvation. It is a series of
events we are familiar with, having journeyed through Holy Week and
Easter over a varying number of years depending on our age.

       Familiarity, if we allow it to do so, can breed, not contempt, as the
saying goes, but a loss of urgency possibly, to immerse ourselves
deeply into the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Not in a
deliberate way, but simply through our human weakness to remain
fully focused on that which is central to our existence.

       As we journey through this blessed time, whether or not we are
able to share by our presence within the church building the
institution of the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday, our Lord's Passion
and Death on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Day, let
us be aware of our unity as the family of God, the community of
believers, followers of Christ, witnessing to the love of God through
His Son Jesus at every opportunity. Therefore wherever we may be,
near or far, at home through incapacity or in the church building, may
we receive, by God's grace, a share in his Cross, His Resurrection
and His life.