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   The rich man in today's Gospel was either a liar or a man of deep faith.  I would argue that he was
a believer.  First of all, he runs up to Jesus, kneels down before him, calls him "Good Teacher," and
asks about getting into eternal life.  Soon after, he tells the Lord that he has observed the
commandments since he was a youth.  This is a bold claim, and is precisely why some might
question his veracity.  If true, then he was a man of deep faith.

Regardless, Jesus looks upon him with love.  What more can you ask for?  Don't we all want to have
a moment in our lives when God's love is made abundantly clear?  Don't we all want to be able to
recall the day when God, loving gaze pierced our hearts and made us feel that, for one instant, there
was no one else in the world but God and me?

Jesus then reveals His will for this rich man.  You must go, sell your many possessions, give to the
poor and then come follow me.  Of course, we know that, tragically, he goes away sad "for he had
many possessions."

Something goes terribly wrong here.  Does he not recognize Christ's love?  Does he refuse to accept
it?  After all, Christ's love is enough to melt the stoniest heart.  How could he refuse the Master when
He lovingly makes known His will for his life?

This leads Jesus to teach some important lessons about the kingdom of God.  "How hard it is for
those with wealth to enter the kingdom of God!"  Why?  First of all, it is hard for anyone to enter the
kingdom, impossible even, without God's grace.  We cannot do it on our own.  Recognizing that
requires true humility.

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