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After the Christmas and Epiphany feasting we now enter into Ordinary Time, the return of the green!
The days are visibly getting longer and so despite the January blues we begin to look forward to
brighter days and pray for increase of grace and blessing from the living spring – Christ the Lord!

In this week's newsletter, there is an advert for a day of reflection for Parish Readers which I would
kindly ask our readers to sign up to and attend.

First Communion Classes begin this Saturday (20th) at 12 Noon and on Sunday (21st) after the 11:
15am Mass at 12:45 for 1pm.

A gentle reminder to the Parents that the children can be prompt and on time. For the children who
attend Sunday, it might be a good idea for the children to bring a snack to eat before the session
especially if they are attending the 11:15am Mass – it is a long time with no food or drink!

I have noticed some of the children and their parents who have signed up not attending Mass even
over the Christmas period. I would firmly remind the parents it makes no sense preparing your
children for the greatest gift of the Eucharist if by your example the celebration of Mass is not important.

We will welcome Bishop Richard to our Parish this Thursday as he leads a session on Lectio Divina
(Holy Reading) for young people from the parish and beyond. Our Confirmation candidates will be
attending, please continue to keep them in your prayers.

In your prayers for the Dead, please keep Cathy White and Angela Clark and their families in your
prayers as they mourn Maura Heslop their mother, her Requiem Mass will be on Monday 22nd at 2:
30pm at St John’s. Betty Figg’s Requiem Mass will be at 10am on Tuesday at St John’s.

May God bless you all in the week to come.