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Fr Aaron Spinelli
This weekend we welcome the Young People who are to be enrolled onto the Confirmation Course
at the 9:15 Mass this Sunday. We hold all of you and your families in our prayers are you begin your
instruction to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit in your Confirmation.

This week we come to the conclusion for the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians, we will be
hosting an evening prayer on Monday night at 7:30pm. The prayer that “all may be one” is a constant
one, may we continue to be united in witness and mission to Jesus Christ in our town and the world.
If there is anyone who is sick and housebound please do not hesitate to contact me in order to
arrange a visit. Either by filling in a green form available at the back of Church or by contacting the
Parish Office.

As Parish Priest I get so many emails and verbal requests often made to me after Mass. If I have not
got back to you within the week, please contact me again. I need constant reminders – apologies if I
have not got back to anyone who are waiting for a response!

I would to like repeat my appeal – as no one approached me last week - for more people to join the
team who compose Bidding Prayers/ Prayers of the Faithful for the Sunday Mass. If you feel you
would like to join the rota – it is not onerous and advice and guidance will be given – then please
either sign up at the back of the church this weekend or email the Parish Office and we will contact
you. It will be huge help to myself and the other writers if you could assist in this matter.

Next week we welcome the St Patrick’s Missionary society who will be making their appeal.
Finally, as requested by some parishioners! Sung to the tune of O Come, O come Emmanuel.
“O Come, O come oh Southern Trains, you used to be alright but now are a pain. You promised
trains that never come, you make good people look so glum, rejoice, rejoice Oh Southern trains,
travelling is such a pain”

“Oh come, o come o Southern Trains, your favourite words are cancelled or delayed, I just want to
get home and sleep, you truly are so knee deep. Rejoice, despair here comes a train, oh no it’s just
a rail replacement bus, oh no not again”.