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A huge thank you to all who came to the Requiem Mass for my Father. I was most certainly
strengthened by your prayers, love and presence; as you can imagine it was not the easiest Mass for
me to celebrate. My mother and family express their gratitude as well.

Looking forward to the week ahead we have on Friday 24thNovember, our first meeting of the
scripture and faith group for young people in the Presbytery at 5pm. Do please spread the word!

On Sunday 26th November, we will have the Annual Blessing of Graves at Hills Cemetery this will
commence with a short service at 2:30pm, and Deacon Tom and I will then proceed to bless your
loved ones and friend’s graves.
On Tuesday 28th November we have our Annual Bereavement Mass at 7pm in the Church. This will
be an opportunity to reflect and pray for those who have died and are on their way to the House of the

On Advent Sunday, the 3rd of December there will be an important meeting for Parents who have
children preparing for First Confession and First Holy Communion in 2018. This is a really important
meeting as David Wills (Adult Education and Evangelization coordinator for Arundel & Brighton
Diocese) will be giving an introduction to this year’s course which will be different in style and
approach to previous years. Namely, the sessions will be primarily the parents assisting their
children in class with direction and coaching from me and the catechist team. This scheme, rolling
out across the Diocese, has been well received by parents and carers, and enables them to spend
time learning and being with their children in their journey of Faith. I feel it’s time we engage, enable
and support parents in our Parish in a new and dynamic way.

As you probably know and remember that Bishop Richard is hosting a series of meetings around the
diocese to look at the future of the Diocese and Future Provision of Masses and Priests and the
engagement of all people, especially the lay-faithful in the Church. He is doing this through the lens of
Prayer, Formation and Mission. He wants to hear how you see the future of the Diocese and your
Parish. We will hear a lot about this over the next few months, so just keep in mind and begin to think
about what our response shall be. I will publish a series of particular questions soon, but if we could
start to reflect on how better to use and place the few priests we will have in the next ten years, on
what I can offer to my parish in order to help, what training I would need and how we can be a parish
fit for Mission and Evangelisation?