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©2013  St. John Evangelist, Horsham
NEW PARISHIONERS EVENING - An email has been sent to all new Parishioners who have arrived
in Horsham over the past year or so inviting then to a New Parishioners evening in the Hall. If you
are a new Parishioner and have not filled in a New Parishioner Form, please take one and hand it
in completed to the Parish Office. If you did not receive an invitation and you are new to the parish,
do feel free to pop in October 7th after the 6pm Mass, it would lovely to meet you.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE! This year we will celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Consecration of
the Church on 25th October. Bishop Richard will be coming to celebrate Mass with us. Fr Aaron
sees fit that we celebrate this important milestone in our Parish’s history. An even bigger
celebration will be had in 2027, but why not celebrate together now this significant anniversary!

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION will begin before Christmas, however seeing how many people
stopped coming to Mass after First Communion- the parents have fallen short of what is expected
of them – Fr Aaron expects to see some demonstration of commitment before parents can apply for
Preparation for First Confession and First Communion. Put simply the Parish Priest has duty for
care of souls and so a way of showing commitment to Jesus Christ, His Church and the Parish
Community is to come and participate in Sunday Mass. The Christian life is not about big events but
a sincere and honest desire to be disciple of Jesus Christ not matter the cost.